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5 Deadly Myths And Misconceptions About Blogging

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Myths and misconceptions about blogging holding you back? Maybe YES. But the fact is, blogs have been around for decades. And it is becoming popular each day. 

Even though blogging comes with enormous benefits, many people still have lots of limiting beliefs about it.

Myths and Misconceptions That Are Stopping You from Starting a Blog


1. Creating a website is hard

Many aspiring bloggers dump great ideas about blogging because of believing they must hire a programmer to set up a website. Starting a blog, you do not need to be a programmer or hire one at all. You can do it on your own in minutes using WordPress.


With WordPress, you do not need any coding knowledge or experience to create a professional website. Like I stated in the written tutorial about how to start a blog, it can hardly take you 30 minutes to set up a complete website.


2. You must be a good writer

Many people believe, starting a blog, one must be good at English or with excellent writing skills. That is a fat lie. You do not need any of that to come up with winning articles and posts. What matters most is your message.


The fact that you can get your point across your audience to teach them something they care about or entertain them that is enough. You will learn how to write better articles along the way. I am not a good writer either, but I have a blog, why not you?


 3. You must post every day

Publishing a new blog post every day is reasonably good, but it is not a condition for starting a blog. When you have a lot to share with your audience, why not do it? But when you are just beginning, posting 2-3 times a week is fine. 

The content you put in front of your audience will inspire you to write more and better content along the way.

False blogging myths

4. You must write long posts

A blog post is not and should not be a storybook. Not every blog post or article has to be a masterpiece. As I mentioned in the second myth, what matters is the message you are trying to put across. Some articles can have 3,000 words, others 1000, or 500, and some can even be 100 words. Focus on the message, not the number of words.

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5. Blogging is a waste of time

Blogging is a unique way to share and exercise creativity. And it is a popular way to market your personal and business brand. The beauty of blogging is the ability to create multiple streams of passive income. Meaning, blogging is a real business for every business. All you need to make money with blogging is the ability to compel your readers to take the required action on your posts.

If any of the above myths and misconceptions about blogging have been stopping you from getting started, then it is time you put all of them to rest. Use this free guide to start your blog today.

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